Late payments are costing UK businesses more than £2bn a year, and the majority of businesses are spending almost four hours a week chasing them. In this webinar, I’ve shared our top tips and strategies you can implement to get paid 20 days quicker on average.

In the webinar I cover how to:

  • Reduce your debtor days

Cash is the oxygen that keeps your business alive. It’s essential to have a clear plan and targets for managing it. I’ll be sharing with you the top five things you can do to get paid quicker.

  • Have enough money in your bank

Many small businesses are low on cash. Some are just one piece of bad news away from the brink. I’ll share with you how the top businesses increase cash in the bank and what technology they use to speed up receiving payments.

  • Forecast accurately

The most successful businesses have a cash flow forecast and review it regularly. I’ll share with you the most common mistakes businesses make when forecasting their cash flow and how to avoid them.