How it works

Agency Bites is an exclusive series of online events that bring together groups of agency owners to discuss a particular topic, where they can learn from and support each other. Join us.

Who’s it for?
  • Ambitious agency owners or Managing Directors
  • Agencies with revenues between £500k – £5m
  • People willing to share. Our events are interactive

Great conversation

Great conversation

Discuss and learn from other amazing agency owners. A big part of what makes Agency Bites so special is the agency owners we’re able to bring together. We connect people that have something in common – whether it’s their location, size of the agency, or the challenges they’re facing.

Top insights

Top insights

As well as working with hundreds of agencies, we also run the largest survey of independent agency owners in the UK – BenchPress. Run annually, the survey and report highlight key trends, stats and averages for agency owners to benchmark their performance. Join us at Agency Bites to hear the very latest findings from BenchPress.

The best start to your day

The best start to your day

Our events are normally in the morning, giving you a chance to start your day with a dose of inspiration. We find doing them in the morning means you’ve got a clearer head and you’re less likely to get pulled into the day-to-day running of your agency. We suggest blocking some time out immediately after to digest what you’ve learned and turn your ideas into actions.

What other people say

I was fortunate to be invited to an Agency Bites session with Rory. I had a thoroughly fascinating morning. Left and spent the next 48hrs completely re-jigging and re-framing my sales funnel. So much gain and insight. A great way to start the morning!

Dan Simmons

Some of the topics we’ve covered

Increasing profit
Increasing profit

We reveal the level of profit agencies should be making. This includes what the most profitable agencies do differently, and the profit habits that set them apart.

Pricing secrets
Pricing secrets

We share pricing secrets from the UK’s top-performing agencies. Including showing how you can scope projects and price effectively so that you win the right type of work.

Managing projects
Managing projects

We discuss ways to stop profit leaking out of your agency mid-project, including the mistakes that nearly every agency makes and how you can avoid them.

STOP measuring these benchmarks now. Now sold out, sorry!

Our next topic -

Maintaining a healthy profit margin

Our first BenchPress report of 2023 revealed that average gross profit has reduced to 40% (for £1m+ agencies) and to 36% (for agencies under £1m). This means agencies have fallen even further behind the target gross profit of 50% or more. Many are ‘at risk’, with a gross profit percentage of 30% or less. 

In periods of economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy profit margin, which is why our first Agency Bites sessions of 2023 will explore this important topic in more detail than ever before. 

Join us to discover: 

  • The five levers you can pull to increase your profit
  • How the top-performing agencies achieve a gross profit of 60%+
  • Simple changes to increase your profitability right away

Each workshop is from 9.30am - 10.30am. Sign up below for the date that best suits you:

This is an interactive workshop (cameras and microphones will be on). Please ensure that you’re ready to participate in this way on the day. Thank you.


About your host

Rory Spence is your host for Agency Bites. Day-to-day, you can find him helping ambitious agency owners who want to grow beautiful businesses. He’s helped hundreds of agency owners across the UK.

Combined with working on our annual agency benchmarking survey, BenchPress, he’s your go-to guy for the latest agency insights, stories and best practices.

Rory especially loves helping agency owners make more profit, streamline their financial processes, and be able to take more time to work on the agency, rather than in it.

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