In this fast-moving, digital world, many agencies focus on short-term results driven solely by return on investment at the expense of their people, their customers, and even themselves.

We believe there is another way. We believe profit and sustainability should be at the heart of any agency.

We’re accountants who have worked with hundreds of agencies over the years, typically those with 8-80 staff. We love providing agency owners with insights and best practices so they can make better decisions.


BenchPress Report for agencies

In 2012, we began our agency benchmarking report – BenchPress. The aim was simple; to take an accurate snapshot of agency life in the UK and to share insight and analysis with ambitious agency owners.

BenchPress has grown to become the largest survey of UK independent agency owners and is a great way to benchmark yourself against your peers.

Building a profitable and sustainable agency

Building a profitable and sustainable agency

If you want your agency to still be here in five or ten years, you’ll need to think about more than just selling and delivering. Over the years, we’ve seen so many bright, creative and talented agencies go under because they didn’t get the basics right when it came to the numbers within their business.

That’s why we’ve put together one place you can get advice, benchmarks and actionable insights on how you can build an agency that’s built to last. Some of the advice is from some agency owners you may recognise.

Agency Bites

Agency Bites

Agency Bites is an exclusive series of in-person and online events that bring together like-minded agency owners to discuss and learn from each other. A big part of what makes Agency Bites so special is that we’re able to connect people that have something in common – whether it’s the challenges they’re facing, agency specialisation or location.

The Agency Collective

The Agency Collective

In 2013, we set up The Agency Collective to help our clients deal with the challenges of running a growing agency. It’s a place agency owners can access knowledge, peer accountability and support that will take their agency to the next level. The Agency Collective has grown to become the largest community of ambitious agency owners in the UK.

Ways we can help you right now

We, of course, do all of the things you’d expect an accountant to do. We also can:

Review your Agencys Profitability
Review your Agency's Profitability

We’ll look at all the ways you can increase your profit, including benchmarking you against industry metrics and the traits of the most profitable agencies. You’ll leave with an action plan to significantly increase the profit you make.

Create your KPI Dashboard
Create your KPI Dashboard

We’ll help you work out the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to measure to increase your chances of success. We’ll then create a dashboard with these on, so you can easily track your progress.

Review your Finance Systems
Review your Finance Systems

We’ll review all aspects of your finance function, including your people, technology and systems. We’ll make recommendations that will increase efficiency, improve reporting, and help you create a finance function fit for your future.

What do we mean by sustainable?


Being profitable is the cornerstone of a sustainable agency. However, think about profit as fuel for your journey, rather than the purpose of your agency. You won’t be able to go very far if you’re not making any money.

Beautiful businesses are designed in a sustainable way. They don’t chase growth for the sake of it. They have recurring revenue and positive cash flow that allows them to make decisions based on what is best for the long-term, rather than operating month-to-month, making decisions based on short-term horizons.

How could you redesign your business model to make it more sustainable?

What it’s like being a client

Becky Simms, Reflect Digital Marketing Agency

We’ve learnt so much working with the team at Wow. They’ve helped us put together and implement initiatives that have made us more profitable. This has allowed us to invest more in our agency and our people. 

Underrated though is just how nice everyone is at Wow. They are amazingly responsive and always there for us

Becky Simms, Reflect Digital


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