Don’t try and do this all on your own. Working with others will make things easier (and more fun).

1. Join a membership organisation of like-minded peers. Share ideas and challenges to help each other. Together you will be stronger.

2. Book a meeting with your biggest competitor. Compare notes and explore if there’s an opportunity to work together – you never know.

3. Keep an eye out for competitors who are struggling or lost their appetite for the challenge – you could pick up their key contracts, customers and even staff.

4. Do someone a favour. Even better, commit to doing someone in your network a favour every single week. You’ll create an army of grateful contacts, willing to help you out.

5. Write a list of ten people that could help you achieve your objectives. They might be potential clients, influencers, partners or mentors. Start mentioning this list to people, see who you’re connected to on LinkedIn, find out who might be able to introduce you. How many can you meet with in the next 3 months?