When moving your business address, it is important to inform several individuals and organisations about your change of address.

Here we will outline some important contacts you will need to notify, as well as let you know what we can do to help make sure it is a smooth transition for you and your business.

Below is what your accountant can update for you. If you're a Wow client, we'll do all of this as part of our service:

  • Companies House
  • HMRC Corporation Tax
  • VAT and PAYE (providing we have access)
  • Directors correspondence address (if it is currently Wow’s address) 
  • Xero (if you use this)

However, if you would prefer to do this yourself here is some guidance from the Wow team. You can also skip to the items you will need to update yourself, which are ones that your accountant can't do for you.

Companies House

As you are changing your registered address, you will need to update this with Companies House. This can be done easily online or by post by completing an AD01 form. You can also use the Companies House WebFiling service to update your address. More information on this can be found online.

Please note, if you are signed up to the Companies House PROOF scheme you cannot change the registered office address via a posted form.

It typically takes 5-10 working days for the changes to reflect on your Companies House records if posting a form, it will take no longer than 24 hours if processed online. You will also need to update your correspondence address for each director, and if applicable; secretary and persons of significant control

Failing to update your address with Companies House can lead to issues such as missed communications and penalties for non-compliance.


You should notify HMRC of your change of address as a priority. You will need to update your business address with all of the relevant services you use within HMRC - as mentioned above, your accountant may be able to help you with many of these too (such as VAT or PAYE) depending on what access they have. 

Corporation Tax will be updated automatically when you update your address with Companies House. You can update your address with HMRC online by logging into your HMRC Government Gateway account and go to the “Change of Address” section. It typically takes 5-10 working days for the changes to reflect on your HMRC account.

The services you will need to update within HMRC (if you use them) are:

  • Corporation Tax 
  • VAT (if applicable)
  • PAYE (if applicable)
  • Self Assessment (although this is usually your personal address, not your business address)

Failing to update your address with HMRC can also lead to penalties and missed communications.

Please note that if you are registered for VAT, HMRC will not accept a service address as your Principal Place of Business. This will need to be your office address (if you have one) or a Director's home address.

Xero (if applicable) 

You will need to update your address in your Xero account (Wow can do this on behalf of clients if we have Adviser Access). If you use any other accounting software you will also need to update this.

Items you need to update directly

Banks and Financial Institutions

You will need to inform your banks and other financial institutions, including credit cards, staff expense cards and loan providers of your change of address. Please seek advice from your bank on how to change your address with them.


You will need to inform any insurance companies you hold a policy with about your new address.

Accountant/Financial Advisor/Bookkeeper

If you have an accountant, Financial Advisor, Bookkeeper etc, outside of Wow you will need to inform them of your address change. 

Professional Associations and Institutions

If you belong to any professional associations or institutions, you should update your address with them.

Legal Professionals

If you have a solicitor or any other legal professional, you should update your address with them. 

Website and email signature

You will need to update your website, including your terms and conditions, privacy policy and company email signature. It is a legal obligation to display your registered office address on your website and company correspondence. 

Internal templates and Social Media platforms

Remember to update your address on any internal templates such as letterheads and on any Social Media platforms.


Please inform any suppliers of your change of address so they can update your invoices/communication and deliveries.

Company Cars or any other assets

If you have any company cars or any other assets registered with our address, you should update your address with them.

Contact us

If you are a Wow client, please get in touch if you have any questions about the change of address process.

We try really hard to keep our blogs up to date, but sometimes the information and advice given are only correct at the time of writing. If you would like to discuss anything you read in our blogs please contact us