Our clients’ experience and relationship with us means everything to us at Wow. We measure how successful they are through various different metrics, with one of the key ones being our net promoter score (NPS). In the past two years, we’ve seen our NPS increase from 44 to 64, a rating which now officially puts our client experience amongst the very best in the world. There have been specific things that we’ve done based on feedback we’ve received in the past two years to help us reach this level. Here’s how we’ve done it.

Benchmarking against the best

NPS is an internationally-used benchmark to gauge client satisfaction with a company’s product or service. We first officially measured ours in 2016 and have now moved to measuring it twice a year, allowing us to continually adapt our processes to improve the experience for business owners like you.

At Wow, our goal is to deliver the best client experience in the world. The NPS method has allowed us to benchmark ourselves against other companies who deliver excellent client service. More importantly, it’s created a great way to collect feedback from our clients and provide people like you with a way to directly impact the way we work together.

May 2016 – a solid starting point






Our first NPS score in May 2016 was 43.9.

Our main piece of constructive feedback from clients was that they were getting confused as to who to talk to in the team as they had people from multiple departments talking to them about different things. This made it harder for us to form meaningful relationships.

Following this feedback, we restructured our teams and made it easier for clients to have one main person to contact and form a relationship with. We also changed our onboarding process so a lot fewer people are involved.

At the time, our goal was to achieve an NPS score of 60 or more, which would mean that we’d be delivering client service on a similar level to First Direct, John Lewis & Virgin – the greats of client service.

November 2017 – heading in the right direction






Our next NPS survey saw our score jump from 43 to 53, which put us well above the industry average of 41. As a result of feedback we received from November’s survey we made some internal process changes. These included:

  • Changed team structures to provide more dedicated support for clients
  • Improved how we welcome new clients to Wow
  • Conducted reviews for new clients so we can see earlier on if there’s anything more we can do to help
  • Implemented new systems for internal communication and sharing of important information relating to clients
  • Changed the way we handle lost clients. Whether we’re helping them sell their business or we’ve done something wrong, we always make sure we can find out what we can improve on
The turning point – client experience principles

We spent a lot of time thinking about what makes our client experience really Wow. We boiled this down to six client experience principles – values that drive how we work with our clients. Since their implementation, we’ve done a lot more work incorporating them into our daily conversations and processes. For example, each department will review clients they’re working with under the lens of the principles and the wider team will brainstorm anything additional we could do for that client to help them.

One of my favourite principles is ‘we’ll find a way’. This illustrates the determination we have to come up with solutions to the challenges that clients have. This is made much easier by living by our first principle ‘walk a mile in your shoes’. The more we understand how our clients feel, the better able we are to give them advice as they grow their businesses.

‘Be the light’ is a principle that’s really resonated internally. Its centred around being the stability and positivity clients require in whatever situation arises. Running a business can be tough; we believe we have a role to play in providing positive support throughout this journey.

Our other principles are, ‘it’s all about you’, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, and ‘we’ve got your back’. Living by these principles every day has been the catalyst for our most recent NPS score.

May 2018 – hitting new heights






Our latest survey in May 2018 saw our NPS jump up again to 63.5. This was an amazing feeling for the team and was a validation of all the hard work that they put in.

I’m currently working through all the feedback from our most recent survey and looking at what we can work on to keep improving.

We’re definitely not perfect and do make mistakes. I personally make it my mission to understand what’s happened from the client’s perspective and do whatever we can to put it right.

Ongoing feedback

We’ll always ask you twice a year to give us feedback through our NPS survey. However, you don’t need to wait six months to share thoughts about how we can improve – we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas anytime. Please email me personally on kelly.rowland@thewowcompany.com or our dedicated client feedback inbox ideas@thewowcompany.com with any ideas you have that can make our client experience even better. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all our clients that have taken part in the surveys over the years. The feedback you’ve given has been instrumental in helping us make changes to improve our client experience and the service we offer business owners like you. 

We hope to continue working alongside you for many years to come.