Last year we put together a list of the women that inspire us for International Women’s Day. We got to share some amazing women and stories. For International Men’s Day, we wanted to do the same for the brilliant men that have inspired our team. We asked our Wowees to share a man in their lives that continues to inspire them every day. Here are the incredible responses we received:

Paul shared his Dad, who he is pictured with below







Paul’s dad is his inspiration and conscience. He is a great human being, always lending a helping hand and even helped Wow move into the first-ever offices we had! Paul claims everything he has ever done is to try and be as cool as his Dad – he can’t quite beat him at football though…

I shared my Uncle Khalid. He is the second on the left below and pictured next to my Mum (in red)





We’re not blood-related but the privilege is all mine to be able to call him Uncle. I’ve known him since I was born and for many years he and his wife were our family doctors. They immigrated from Pakistan to New Zealand and set up a family practice in a very multicultural part of Wellington. I adore them as they never let someone’s financial situation get in the way of providing medical advice and care. Over the years I saw them provide many free appointments, many cups of tea and chats and many meals. So much so he got a Queen’s Service Order for his service to the community. He also set up with my Mum the New Zealand interfaith council, one of my favourite quotes from him was: “Being Muslims you are living in the eye of the storm, living in the west. Therefore you have more responsibility to ensure others hear the whole truth, not part. And the whole truth is peace and harmony.”

Pete shared his Dad. They are pictured together below






Pete’s Dad is a wonderfully kind, funny and patient man. One of Pete’s favourite memories is playing cricket in his back garden with his Dad when he was growing up. He said if he could go back to any time of his life it would be those beautiful summer evenings when they would play and laugh together until it got dark.

Lisa chose her Dad, who she is pictured with below







Lisa’s dad is kind, generous and always there for her family. He worked hard and played hard in his younger years. He inspires many by battling ill health every day and never moaning about it. He also helps out within his local community- teaching IT to the elderly, helping at the JOB club and is vice chairman of the local men’s shed where they do lots of charity work and help those in need.

Kelly shared her Dad. Below he’s pictured with her and her boys, Oscar and Harry.







Kelly’s choice was super easy for her- her Dad is a legend! He’s fun, supportive, loving, honest and thinks she’s always right (helped by the fact they’re so alike!) She can call him anytime as he’s always there for her… and no matter what he is always happy! Seeing the love and relationship he has with Oscar and Harry is one of Kelly’s favourite things.

Rory chose his Grampa. He’s pictured below on a motorbiking holiday in France







Once upon a time Rory’s Grampa was the last male Spence, meaning they had a very thin family tree! He went on to have four sons and one daughter… Those four sons went on to have 7 of their own and now their family tree is enormous (so large Rory isn’t even sure those are the correct numbers!) He was always the head of the family and a very proud man. He was the life and soul of any party – and a true gentleman. It is very clear why Rory wants to follow in his footsteps.

Leo chose his Grandad. He’s pictured below







Leo’s Grandad is clever, funny and kind. He is the head of Leo’s family and leads by example, with selfless dedication and support to those around him. He built a successful business and in retirement, he did volunteer work for the Samaritans and bereavement charities for over 30 years. Leo’s leaned on him for advice and support more times than he can remember!