A balanced world is a better world; this is why we celebrate International Women’s Day here at Wow. As well as championing women’s continued contributions to business and society and putting a spotlight on our female leaders and achievers, it invites discussion around full gender equality in the world.

This year, we also wanted to celebrate and learn more about the amazing women that inspire our team. We asked the team to share a woman in their lives that inspires them and has helped shape who they are. Below are some of the incredible responses.

Natalie shared her Mam. Below she’s pictured with Natalie’s son Isaac. 






Natalie shared her Mam because she is a true survivor and fighter. She survived an aggressive brain tumour when Natalie was 12 which left her with an incredibly tough and long recovery journey. Whilst battling this, her Mam and Natalie’s Dad managed to ensure Natalie had a normal teenage life! Natalie doesn’t know anyone else as strong as her.

Rory shared his Nan. Below is a picture of them both (when Rory was very young).






Rory shared his Nan who is turning 99 in two weeks time! She inspires Rory every day because even at 99 she’s the life and soul of the party.

Emma shared her Great Aunt.

Emma’s Great Aunt Ethel didn’t have an easy life. Raising an illegitimate son in the 1930s was almost unheard of, but she had full support from the other women in her family. With her husband, she ran a sweet shop in Bicester, unfortunately before Emma’s time. She would walk everywhere and had so much energy, even tried to teach Emma ballroom dancing! She had a great sense of humour and made a fantastic Baked Alaska. She showed Emma you can overcome life’s challenges.

Kelly shared her Mum. She’s pictured below with Kelly’s son Oscar.






Kelly’s Mum has always been an inspiration to her, but never as much as the day she had Oscar. Now and then Kelly will call her to say thank you for something she did for her or to say sorry for something she would’ve put her through (they laugh so much every time). Things like no sleep, tantrums in public, liking a particular food one day and hating it the next, to not wanting to clean her teeth etc. Kelly’s sure anyone with kids can relate to this realisation.

I shared my Mum, we’re pictured together below.






My Mum has always been one to chase her dreams and challenge the norm. From running away from an arranged marriage in India to move to the other side of the world (New Zealand) and marry my Dad, to being able to fix anything with a great curry. More recently, to being appointed as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours List 2016 for her services to financial literacy and interfaith relations.

Laura’s is her Grandma. They’re pictured together below with Laura’s family.





Laura’s is her Grandma because she’s the most selfless, genuine and caring person she’s ever had in her life. She had white hair and used to say Laura was the best birthday present she ever got! (Laura was born on her birthday). Laura misses her every day.

Peter’s is his Mum, they’re pictured together below.






Peter’s Mum was born in the Polish refugee camp in Chandlers Ford. Her parents didn’t speak English, so she didn’t start learning the language until she went to school, aged five. That must have been really tough, but Peter’s Mum is very determined. She overcame this, and several other challenges later in life, always with a smile on her face.

As Kelly also said, Peter often feels the need to apologise to his Mum – she brought up three boys brilliantly well, one of whom was occasionally more mischievous than she would have liked. Sorry, Mum. Thanks for everything!