It all started 18 years ago with a call Peter received from Paul saying, “I’ve got an idea…”

Below are some birthday messages from the team...


Happy Birthday Wow! I love the teamwork and Wow family we have! I also love how much each Wowee genuinely cares about each other and our clients and as a Team how much we impact all of our clients and their businesses.


Happy birthday Wow! I feel lucky to have been part of Wow for so long and to see the business evolve into an amazing positive influence helping and inspiring so many businesses and their owners! Keep it up Paul, Peter and everyone at Wow, here’s to the next 18 years, just think what is yet to come!


Happy birthday Wow! I feel so lucky to work with you guys. Your commitment to our clients is second to none. Your support to clients and Wow fam is outstanding. Thank you so much.


Happy 18th Birthday to Wow… finally an adult? I love being part of the Wow family, we’ve achieved so many great things and we have even more to come. Thank you to the team for being part of it and to Paul and Peter for creating a lovely place to work.


Happy Birthday Wow I love working for a company that is so clear in its objectives and is committed to helping our clients in the way we do. I love the culture that you have created in making this a fun place to work and the feel that we are one big family and have each others’ back. I am sure there will be more to come over the coming years. Thank you Paul and Peter for all that you have done.


Happy Birthday Wow and thank you Paul and Peter for giving us all the opportunity to be here! I love the family that you have created here at Wow (resisting the urge to call you our Wow Dads) and how we’re all really one team, working towards the same goals – such a great team to be part of It’s also amazing to see how much we grow every single year. Every 6th Jan you can look back at the last 12 months and say without any doubt the business has taken massive steps forwards… I can’t wait to see where we are in another 18 years! Unbelievable place to work!


Happy 18th Birthday Wow! Absolutely love the Wow family and the culture that you’ve created. Wow is definitely about the people. Feel lucky to work somewhere where people do genuinely care about you, as well as the fun we all have along the way. It’s so amazing that we all feel like we play our part in growing the business and that our views/ideas are listened to.


There are so many things I love about Wow I love how it all started, with a phone call from Paul saying “I’ve got an idea.” I remember those early days of Wow so clearly. We used to meet up at Cafe Nero in Winchester on a Saturday and dream about what the future might hold. We’d chat about ideas, write plans, and try to work out how we could make it all happen.

I love how each and every one of us has helped turn those dreams into reality. I’m truly grateful for all the hard work, love and care you bring to work every single day. You all really are amazing. Thank you for everything that you’ve done.

I also love how we all have a say in what the future holds. It’s no longer me and Paul in Cafe Nero, it’s teams of people working together, striving to create the biggest impact possible. It’s wonderful to be part of a team that cares so much about what we’re trying to achieve, about our clients, and about each other. It really is very special indeed.

I love the difference that we’re making every single day. Hundreds of people are able to run their businesses, achieve their goals, and sleep better at night thanks to the work we all do. We help people build beautiful businesses…. and we do it in a really beautiful way too.

And finally, I love the relationship I have with Paul. I love his vision and critical thinking. He’s kind, caring, thoughtful, determined and unwavering in his pursuit of doing what’s right. It’s really hard running a business, building something from scratch, and overcoming countless challenges. I’m very grateful to have had Paul by my side as we’ve been on this incredible journey together… one that gets more exciting as the years go by. Here’s to the next 18 years!