Meet our management accountant Sam
Many clients would’ve been helped by Sam over the last few years; he’s fantastic at solving questions about Xero, Receipt Bank and day-to-day bookkeeping queries. Sam’s a key member of our amazing team, and we wanted you to get to know him a bit better.

What attracted Sam to Wow?

Sam’s always enjoyed helping people and loved how Wow has this at the centre of our work. He was attracted to the fact it was so different from other accountancy practices.

He started with us in September 2014 as an apprentice with no prior experience in the accountancy industry. By studying and working hard, he now has his own portfolio of clients he loves working with.

What is a typical day at Wow involve for you?

A typical day for Sam involves chatting with clients, helping them with any questions they may have and producing management accounts and reports. Anything that focuses on making a difference to our clients and reducing their workload.

What are Sam’s favourite Wow moments?

Sam was working with a client a couple of months ago who thought a particular company had paid all of their invoices. Going through and preparing their management accounts, Sam spotted they were actually owed £15,000 by this company.

The client got into a debate with the company as they were insistent they didn’t owe anything. Sam was able to handle it all and went back through and showed all the invoices, the payments and what was missing. The company was able to see the error and paid the amount owed to the client. The client got an additional cash injection right before Christmas, which they hadn’t even realised they were owed. Sam loved being able to take all the worry away from the client and help their cash flow.

Sam also had a client whose business wasn’t performing well when he first started working with them. Two years later and they have quadrupled their sales figures. It’s been really satisfying for Sam to go on that journey with them – from almost shutting their business down to now thriving.

Where can you find Sam outside of Wow?

You can find Sam on the hockey field; he’s got some great stories to share. Sam loves sport, and he’s usually watching or playing some sport when he’s not at Wow. He also loves spending time with his family and partner.