We believe an integral part of a business’ success is often not talked about – the mental resilience required by the business owner. Starting, running and growing a business is tough, filled with highs, lows and everything in between.

We wanted to capture what is required mentally for a business owner to thrive in their role, so we’ve created a short survey. The survey focuses on mindset – both personally and within the business, reactions to different business scenarios, and the levels of support business owners receive.

By completing the survey, you will discover what the UK’s top-performing businesses are doing to:

  • Increase their resilience and chances of success
  • Solve their biggest challenges
  • Improve performance and wellbeing in the workplace

The results will be published in November in a consolidated format (all answers will be anonymous and your individual data will not be shared with anyone). It’s set to be the largest of its kind in the UK and we think the report will be a key resource for business owners and will open up a dialogue about challenges we face building beautiful businesses.

Last year, we focused on how recession-proof UK businesses were. The results were fascinating and lead us to create our Sustainable Guide to Growth. The guide combined the survey results with the advice of UK small business experts on how business owners can become more resilient and sustain success in the long term.

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