We all know technology can benefit business, but we often don’t have time to look into exactly how and what to use. In this webinar, Rory focuses on three key areas technology can make a real difference. You’ll come away with some recommendations you can use to get 2019 off to an excellent start.

The areas he covers are:

  • Sales

If you aren’t taking advantage of technology to propel your sales, you’re missing out. I’ll share how technology can help you build better relationships, close faster, and increase productivity.

  • Finance

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud technology is a must. I’ll share with you what to use to gain a better overview of your finances, get you paid faster, and improve collaboration with your team.

  • Communication

Technology has enabled communication within businesses to be more efficient, cost-effective, inclusive, and collaborative. I’ll share with you some fantastic apps to take your communication to the next level.