The sun is setting on the summer season (if we can call it a summer?) and there's something about the seasons changing and the month of September that's reminiscent of a 'fresh start' feeling. Now is the perfect time to hone your skills as a leader and we'd love you to join us as we embark on our Remarkable Leaders Programme. It's a free workshop series with three sessions, starting with 'Galvanise your team for what comes next' on 26th September. Sign up for all three events here.

The Beautiful Business community is full to the brim with new, insightful blog posts, podcast episodes plus lots of resources and practical tools to help you run your business more beautifully and make a real impact on the world. It's free to join and simple to sign up - register here. Here are some highlights of the last month from the Beautiful Business Community Team...

We've had lots of new guests on the Beautiful Business podcast throughout August and we've now had over 1800 podcast downloads! Listen and subscribe on Apple, Spotify and Amazon.

🎙️ August's podcast guests

Tim Evans from Creative UK

Over the last 15 years, Tim has helped entrepreneurs build resilient and prosperous businesses and during this episode, he talked about Creative UK's role as a strategic investment partner rather than just an investor. Yiuwin and Tim discuss the three essential aspects that businesses need to consider when preparing to raise capital. Listen here. 

Kerry Tottingham from A Brilliant Thing

In this episode, Yiuwin and Kerry explore the power of collaboration to bridge the gap between corporate-based and not-for-profit-driven cultures. Tune in to discover the importance of constant learning, embracing new perspectives and maintaining open lines of communication, with the aim of bringing about overall success. Listen here.

Amelia Wrighton from Suicide&Co

Suicide&Co is a charity dedicated to raising suicide awareness and supporting bereaved individuals affected by suicide-related grief. Amelia talks about how workplaces can equip themselves with guidelines and policies for handling bereavement and how Suicide&Co has developed a specialised offering to guide organisations in navigating loss in the workplace. Listen here. 

Pete Fergusson from Nemorin

Pete shares his valuable insights on guiding businesses through challenging times and the lessons he's learned about leading a business with purpose and resilience. The conversation centres around the strategies and mindset necessary to lead a business during times of economic downturn, drawing from Pete's experiences both during the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic. He delves into the importance of adaptability, and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of uncertainty. Listen here.

📚 Blog: Promoting a positive work-life balance

It's one of the trickiest things to balance, being a business owner and having a personal life. Not only this, if you have a team around you, prioritising their health and wellbeing is important too. Promoting a healthy work-life balance for you and your teams requires a thoughtful and proactive approach. It benefits you as a leader but also has a positive ripple effect on your entire organisation's culture. Read more here

📚 Blog: The 4 Disciplines of Execution®: Key Takeaways

In the final workshop of the Strategic Growth Programme, we talked through FranklinCovey’s 4 Disciplines of Execution®. In this blog post, we delve into those four disciplines, enabling you to focus your team on what really matters, know whether you're winning (and get back on track if you're not). Read more here.

📚 Blog: Focusing your team on what really matters: A guide to succeeding sustainably

The ability to focus on what truly matters is a critical skill for any successful team. With numerous tasks, projects and distractions in need of attention, team leaders must ensure that their teams remain aligned and focused on their core objectives. In this blog, we explore effective strategies to help you guide your team towards focusing on what really matters. Read more here.

📚 Blog: How to know whether you’re winning (and get back on track if you’re not)

If you've set yourself targets and long-term goals for your business, why not add some fun to it? There's no reason you can't bring some gamification to it! Motivation and engagement increase when people keep score. Introduce a scoreboard with an aim for a target - once you begin counting, you'll find that your focus and desire to succeed skyrocket. In this blog post, we delve into the art and psychology of keeping score and how this connects to purpose. Discover new, fun ways to reach your targets beyond dull KPI spreadsheets. Read more here.

📺 How to reach out to those that might be struggling

Mental health affects everyone, and yet there's still a stigma around it. Today, people are more open and have more vulnerable conversations, but there is always more we can do to equip ourselves with the right language.

As Amelia from Suicide&Co explains in this video, "Having the confidence to ask somebody how they're doing when you feel like they're struggling is such a good first step to uncovering any problem".

"When we see someone struggling, it's almost like by asking them if they're okay or if they need help, we're offending them - that's where the stigma lies."

Tune into our podcast episode where Amelia talks about how to handle these conversations in the workplace and how leaders play a vital role in creating an open culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their struggles. Here's a snippet from that episode:

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