We're well and truly into the summer months, even if it doesn't quite feel it with the British weather we're having right now. We're here with highlights of the last month from the Beautiful Business Community Team...

We've just reached the finale of our summer Strategic Growth Programme, aimed at helping you re-energise your growth plans and setting you on the path to building the business of your dreams. You can catch up on each of the workshop replays using the below links:

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The Beautiful Business community is full to the brim with new, insightful blog posts, podcast episodes plus lots of resources and practical tools to help you run your business more beautifully and make a real impact on the world. It's free to join and simple to sign up - register here. Here are some community highlights from July...

We've had a plethora of new guests on the Beautiful Business podcast during the last month and we've now had over 1500 podcast downloads! Listen and subscribe on Apple, Spotify and Amazon.

🎙️ July's podcast guests

Pete Fergusson from Nemorin

Pete shares his experiences in partnering with investors and highlights that while financial metrics and due diligence were important, investors also valued the expertise and niche of Nemorin. It's important to find an investment partner who complements the business. The alignment of ambitions, goals and values is crucial for a successful partnership. Listen here

Chieu Cao from Mintago

Chieu talks about the challenges and key points of growth when scaling a business. He shares his insights, highlighting the different stages of business growth and how this impacts relationships and leadership styles. He emphasises the importance of adapting to new dynamics as the business grows. Listen here.

Amelia Wrighton from Suicide&Co

Suicide&Co is a charity dedicated to raising suicide awareness and supporting bereaved individuals affected by suicide-related grief. Amelia explores the benefits of investing in suicide awareness for companies, helping leaders to play a vital role in their teams' mental health. Listen here

Richard Thomson from Kaptcha

Richard is the CEO of a visual communications agency and in this podcast episode, he shares stories of projects that have had a profound impact and have inspired him. It's these projects that have highlighted the importance of purpose in business. It's shaped his perspective on equality and creating a supportive and inclusive culture at Kaptcha. Listen here.

📚 Blog: Stepping back in order to step up

Leaders who make time to work on the business are going to be better positioned to drive strategic growth, make informed decisions, develop their teams, and navigate the evolving business landscape. By focusing on higher-level activities, leaders can lead their organisations toward long-term success and achieve sustainable results. We've set out a clear strategy which you can implement to help take the first steps to grow your business. Read more here

📚 Blog: How to work more ON your business

The average business owner spends just 12% of their time on strategy, yet 84% say they want to increase that. In this blog post, we help you analyse how you're currently spending your time with our Time Review Tool, with tips and advice on how you can delegate to others, what you can outsource and targets you want to set for client work. Read more here.

📚 Blog: The keys to unlocking your growth potential

Continuing along the theme of business growth, we believe there are four ways we can grow our businesses. You can win new customers, sell more to existing ones, increase your average transactional value or merge/acquire other businesses. In this blog, we delve into the strategies for each route. Check them out. 

📚 Blog: Building solid foundations to increase your chances of success

In order to step back and work more on your business, you need to ensure that you've built solid foundations. Your business needs to be profitable and have a sustainable business model backing it. You need to have a calm and disciplined working culture, so that everyone in the team is on the same page, working towards the same goals. Read more on the blog about building these solid foundations that will set you up for success.

📺 How to resonate with your audience

In a recent podcast episode, Richard Thomson from Kaptcha talked about brands communicating their story to their audience through video. While there's definitely a place for brands to have a video on 'who we are and what we do', it's the stories about why a brand does what it does that will resonate more with audiences. We talk a lot about brand purpose here at Beautiful Business and this is exactly what Richard is referring to. Talking about your impact and purpose - that's what your audience is looking to discover from you. Here's a snippet from that episode:

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