Back in September, we started our Remarkable Leaders Programme workshop series. We have one last online session coming up on 28th November where we'll be discussing ways to get your business working without you, with special guest Louisa Pau, Founder of Otherboard. If you'd like to come along, you can register here. If you'd like to catch up on sessions one and two, the workshop playbacks are available here.

The community is full to the brim with new, insightful blog posts and podcast episodes plus lots of resources and practical tools to help you run your business more beautifully and make a real impact on the world. It's free to join and simple to sign up - register here. Here are some highlights of the last month from the Beautiful Business Community Team...

We've had lots of new guests on the Beautiful Business podcast throughout October and we've now had over 2300 podcast downloads! Listen and subscribe on Apple, Spotify and Amazon.

🎙️ October's podcast guests

Nila Matthews from Awakening Flow

In this episode, Nila Matthews, a neurophysiology and emotional resilience expert, discusses finding your optimal self. Nila explores the concept of "flow" as our optimal state, emphasising self-awareness and facing fears for a fulfilling personal and business life. Listen here.

Megan Taylor from Rise Beyond

Megan shares her incredible journey from a career in professional dance to a leadership role in the business world. She shares her experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning to leadership, particularly as a woman in a predominately male-dominated field. Listen here.

Helen Neal from HN Communications

In this episode, Helen talks about her passion for sustainability and how this helps drive growth for her communications agency. Sustainability is no longer an add-on but a core component of HN Communications' strategy, transcending all aspects of its operations. Tune in to hear Helen's tips on being transparent about sustainability rather than green-washing. Listen here.

Nila Matthews from Awakening Flow

Chaos is not normally a word we want to use when talking about our businesses, but in this episode, Nila talks about how embracing chaos relates to creativity, imposter syndrome and building authentic connections. Nila shares her personal experiences and practical strategies for managing stress, fostering vulnerability and navigating challenging situations. It's a great listen for leaders and managers. Listen here.

📚 Blog: Exploring the 'Play to Win' Framework

In our recent Remarkable Leaders Programme workshop on 'how to galvanise your team for what comes next', we explored how you know what success looks like with host Paul Bulpitt. Paul shared his extensive experience in team building, both within The Wow Company and while collaborating with clients. Throughout the workshop, Paul tackled essential questions about galvanising a team, achieving alignment, and creating sustainable business growth. Read more here

📚 Blog: Building resilient and thriving teams

Over the last few years, your teams have gone through a lot. A pandemic, a cost of living crisis. These things impact businesses, but will also impact your employees' personal lives. In this blog post, we delve into the key takeaways from our latest Remarkable Leaders Programme workshop, detailing ways in which we can build resilience in our teams and empower them to thrive. Read more here.

📚 Blog: Reinventing your leadership team

When you run your own business, the thought of stepping away even for a holiday takes a lot of planning. What if you wanted to take a sabbatical and go travelling? How will your business carry on without you? In many cases, a business would survive. So, how do we get our businesses to thrive without us? In this blog post, we provide tips and helpful advice on how to keep your business going as you take a step back. Read more here.

📺 Advice for founders going through the exit process

In our recent podcast with Alistair Wells, co-founder and director of Tend Legal we hear his insights on running a business with an exit in mind, drawing from his experiences helping businesses through the exit process. In this snippet taken from the interview, Alistair shares his advice. You can listen in full here

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