It's been a busy month over in the Beautiful Business community with a new website launched, our Sales Acceleration Programme rounding off with a workshop on generating leads attracting the most registrations yet, and an influx of new members. On the community platform, you'll find playbacks of our workshops plus loads of resources and practical tools to help you run your business more beautifully and make a real impact on the world. It's free to join and simple to sign up - register here.

Below are some highlights from the community in April, with lots of new podcasts for you to tune into, blog posts to digest and playbacks of our recent workshops to watch. 

🎉 Over 950 podcast downloads

It's been amazing seeing the Beautiful Business podcast audience grow each week and we're excited to have now had over 950 podcast downloads! Listen and subscribe on Apple, Spotify and Amazon.

🎙️ This month's podcast guests

Alex Holliman from Climbing Trees

Alex talks about how he and his team are on a mission to create a positive impact for their clients and for the planet. Listen here. 

Natalie Haigh, leader & innovator

Natalie discusses the power of mentoring and offers some of the methods she uses with her mentees. She explains her belief that if we can mentor people to fully achieve their potential and succeed, it will be a better result for everybody here.

Nikki Gatenby, author, director and coach

Nikki talks about the 7 Ps that underpin truly purpose-led businesses, using the PQualizer, a system to help to keep the Ps in balance, and why it’s critical to have a practical framework to help you implement change across your business. Listen here

Jen Swain from Beatfreeks
Jen explores the power of data insights for businesses and why leaders need the pieces between the data to make better decisions. Listen here. 

📚 Blog: Nurturing and converting lucrative leads

We look at nurturing leads, increasing conversion and maximising value in this blog post. With our strategy, we help you move leads as quickly and as efficiently as possible from the top of the funnel - where they’re just a name, through to sale, when they’re a customer or even further than that, an advocate or champion for you. Read more here

📚 Blog: 6 top tips to aid your cash flow

Cash is the oxygen that keeps your business alive. The past few years have shown us that it’s essential to have a clear plan for managing cash, especially if you don’t know what’s around the corner. Now is the perfect time to review how you manage your cash and get into some of these good habits.

Read more on the blog where we share our top tips to ensure you thrive, whatever the market conditions.

📚 Blog: Steps in mastering collaboration

Working with others makes things easier and more fun. Here are some opportunities for you to expand your network (and your mind) by collaborating with others. Check them out. 

📺 What's your top tip when it comes to commercial sustainability?

We asked the Beautiful Business community members this very question and in the below video, you'll discover their top tips:

🌱 Strategic Growth Programme

It hasn't officially been announced yet but we'd love to give you a sneak peek at our next programme of events, the Strategic Growth Programme. These workshops have been designed to help re-energise your growth plans and set you on the path to building the business of your dreams.

Extensive research over many years has shown that businesses with a clear strategy and plan are more likely to succeed and their owners are less likely to experience stress. Despite this, many business owners find it difficult to create and execute their business growth plans, with over 80% stating that they’re not spending enough time working on the strategy of their business. Join us on June 8th to kick things off by exploring the ultimate business growth strategy.

Thanks for continuing to help us make the community what it is, it’s been incredible seeing the positive momentum grow and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

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