Last night we held our first Wow event of 2016. It was a great evening full of insights from our awesome panel. Check out the highlights here…

Our panel

We had an awesome panel of speakers last night. Daniel de la Cruz, Kelly Rowland, Dominic Monkhouse, and Chris Donnelly. They shared their tips for how to make your business thrive in 2016. The hot topics were:


Recruiting the right people is important for your business – have the right team and your business will thrive.

“Take time to put people through a process to minimise the risk of not getting the right person for your team” says Daniel.

You should always be recruiting. “The best guys can be 100x better than the average guy” says Dominic. Also, have a think about when to recruit. Dominic pointed out that the “cost of hiring someone too late is much greater than the cost of paying their salary for a few months before you need them. If you find someone good, hire them.”

“Get the right people on the bus” Kelly Rowland.


Measuring KPIs is vital. They should match your strategic objectives and you should review them often. Kelly’s top tip is to “Get a chart, anything that is interesting to look at. This will make you want to look at them more often, check them a few times a month rather than quarterly or even yearly.”

Chris spoke about the single KPI he measures: “One favour a day.” Check it out here.

New Business

Winning new business is at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. How do you do it? How often should you try to win new business? Daniel says it is important to “Focus on new business, constantly. The minute you drop the ball, you won’t notice it initially, but 6 months down the line you will start to.”

“Public speaking is a must! Even if you don’t like doing it, you should learn as it is important to tell the world about your business.”

Don’t forget to focus on your existing customers too, they are just as important as new customers, if not more. They are the customers you already have a relationship with and they will be the ones to recommend you to others.

What happens when things start to go thin in your sales pipeline? Have a look at this great Agency Collective video.

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