We’ve just launched a new service – ‘Friend in need’ – an assistance programme to support the emotional and physical wellbeing of business owners. A bit like an expert friend you can call 24/7 in a completely confidential and non-judgmental way.

Whatever spin you put on it, 2020 is not an easy time to be running a business.

There are clearly people having a much tougher time than business owners. This shouldn’t detract from the stress and anxiety felt as a result of businesses being disrupted, sales disappearing, events cancelled, team welfare, cost-cutting, furlough, managing cash flow, finding finance, contemplating redundancies….and much, much more. It’s definitely not easy.

From research we conducted at Wow before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we know that 74% of business owners feel ‘uncontrollable’ worry about their business on a monthly basis. 31% of business owners were already losing sleep over cash flow, and 1 in 3 business owners said that their coping mechanism in tough times would be to effectively ‘grin and bear it’. 

The reality is that months of crisis management has taken its toll on the mental health of many people involved in running businesses. 

‘Friend in need’

As much as we’ve been able to help people as their advisers, accountants and financial planners, we know more support is needed, especially when it comes to the mental health of business owners. This is why we’ve launched the ‘Friend in Need’ programme. 

A 24/7 helpline where you can speak with experienced therapists and advisors. Alongside the helpline, there are online services like tailored health checks, nutritional advice, and 4-week programmes, to proactively improve your mental and physical health.

We’ve made the programme available for free to all Wow clients, their family and team members. ‘Friend in Need’ is powered by industry leaders, Health Assured and was inspired by a similar initiative rolled out to Xero customers in New Zealand.

Our dream is that all business owners have access to this level of support. At the moment, we are focussed on the Wow community but if you know other business owners you think may need this help, please get in touch and we can see how we can help.