Meet Mandy in our Client Experience Team

If you’ve called the Wow office, you will have already been helped by Mandy and heard her cheerful voice. She’s the first point of contact for our clients and has just celebrated two years with us. Mandy’s a key member of our amazing team, and we wanted you to get to know her a bit better.

What attracted Mandy to Wow?

Mandy’s always had a passion for helping people. Before working at Wow, she worked in childcare for 13 years and customer service before that. She loved working with children with special needs and disabilities.

Mandy was drawn to being part of the client experience team at Wow as she loves being the first point of contact for people, whether it’s face-to-face or on the phone. Mandy really enjoys chatting with people, helping them solve problems, building long-term relationships and learning lots about them. Whether it’s how their holiday went, how best to contact them, how they want to be dealt with, or what matters to them most. Mandy also loves the social side of Wow and how everyone works together as a team to help our clients.

What are Mandy’s favourite Wow moments

Mandy always loves hearing about our clients’ news. Whether it’s pregnancies, milestones in children growing up, growth in the business or a personal achievement.

One particular client was struggling to move house. It ended up taking six months, and Mandy was speaking to her twice a week on various things, including the mortgage that we were arranging for her. The whole team at Wow jumped for joy when the move finally happened, and it felt nice playing a small part.

Where can you find Mandy outside of Wow?

Mandy loves being outdoors and walking her two dogs. In particular by the sea, no matter what the weather. Mandy lives just a few miles from our Andover office with her husband and two children – she doesn’t want them to know quite how much she enjoys looking after them. Mandy also loves pilates, swimming, cooking and socialising.

Next time you speak to Mandy on the phone…

perhaps ask her what she’s been cooking recently – she’s always got an interesting recipe to share.