Kelly has been with Wow for over a decade and has seen the business change dramatically in that time. What hasn’t changed is Kelly’s passion for providing outstanding customer service. She now heads up Wow’s customer experience.

What does your role involve?

Over the last ten years, it’s involved pretty much every job you can imagine. Currently, my role is focused on ensuring we deliver an amazing experience to all the businesses that we work with. I also work closely with the directors on Wow’s strategic goals and plans, which involves managing some of the team and looking after some of our clients.

How do you measure success across the client experience?

We know how important communication is in any relationship, which is why we aim to respond to all questions from clients as quickly as possible. We receive around 3,000 separate enquiries each month. We measure how long it takes us to respond to each one, as well as how long it takes us to resolve the query.

Another key measure of success is our net promoter score (NPS). It’s an internationally-used benchmark to gauge client satisfaction with a company’s product or service. We measure ours twice a year, allowing us to continually adapt our processes to improve the experience for business owners.

As a result of feedback we’ve received in the past year, we’ve improved how we welcome new clients to Wow. We also changed how we structure our teams so that we can provide more dedicated support for clients.

Our most recent NPS survey saw our score jump from 43 to 53, which puts us well above the industry average of 41. However, our goal is to achieve an NPS in line with the companies known for excellent customer service like Apple, First Direct and John Lewis. I’m excited to see what we can do to get there.

What’s a day in the life of your role?

No day is ever the same at Wow, and that’s just how I like it. Every day I’ll be chatting with different clients, helping the team and working on our key strategic projects.

I love speaking to people and getting different perspectives, so if you ever have any feedback on your Wow service, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask for me.

What are your favourite Wow moments?

My favourite Wow moments (by a country mile) are when we do something for a client that makes a huge impact on them. I love building relationships with people, getting to know their business, their team and their family. I love when we can genuinely help them.

Outside of Wow?

If I’m not at Wow, you’ll find me with my two-year-old boy, Oscar. Any parent will know that this is where all of my spare time goes! If I have any other time free, you’ll find me relaxing at a spa.