We recently spoke to Warren, Director of Verb Brands, about his experience of the Auto Enrolment process with us. Find out Warren’s tips for how to implement Auto Enrolment successfully in your business below:

Verb Brands are a Wow client and a digital creative agency, based in Shoreditch, helping luxury brands define their positioning and create customer-centric websites and apps. Founded in 2011, the business has gone from strength to strength since, building a hard working team of 11, and working with international brands such as Sunseeker Brokerage, Tossed, Deliciously Ella and Daylesford Organic Farm.

When did you first become aware of Auto Enrolment?

Like many of us, Warren first heard of Auto Enrolment through television adverts. At the time, this was something that didn’t need thinking about and it was something to be left alone for the bigger companies across the country. Verb’s staging date was in July 2017, they felt they didn’t need to worry.

Why did you decide to change your staging date?

When recruiting their current team, Verb wanted to ensure that they hired people with experience and who were great at their job. They knew that if they were to recruit people who came from larger companies, pension schemes were the norm. A job within a company without a pension scheme became less attractive for people. This became an obstacle to recruitment for Verb. They realised that they needed to implement the pension scheme earlier than they first thought…

This was the point at which Verb decided to move their staging date forward to July 2015. Their concern was staff retention and implementation of this scheme meant they could hire and retain a great team.

How was your experience of the Auto Enrolment process?

Warren had a small idea of what Auto Enrolment was and why it was necessary. However, he wanted to know more. This is where Wow stepped in to help. The Wow Pensions Team were there to support Verb at each step of the process, from assessing their work force and getting set-up on a pension scheme, to help with ongoing management.

“Marc (Denton) explained the process and gave us a better idea of what Auto Enrolment was, we knew that if we had a question we could drop him an email and have a chat!”

How much work was involved for you?

“I did almost nothing! Wow helped us to choose a provider, explained the process to our employees and helped to get everything set up.”

Describe your experience with Wow in 3 words…

“Hassle-Free, Informative, Relief. It isn’t scary, it was a huge weight off of my shoulders.”

Get in touch…

If you like the sound of Warren’s experience, and would like to do it for yourself, then get in touch by giving our office a call on 01264 721 670, or drop us an email to info@thewowcompany.com