Ecologi is one of the UK’s brightest businesses. Growing quickly, making a huge impact globally, and on a mission to save the planet. In just over 2 years, they’ve planted 23 million trees to help tackle climate change, supported by 24,000 customers and more than 8,000 businesses, who pay a monthly subscription to offset the carbon they produce. Join us on Tuesday 23rd November from 9-10am to get the inside story of Ecologi, and stay behind after to ask questions of Ecologi’s co-founder, Elliot Coad. Scroll down for more info or book your place here


Ecologi’s growth has been rapid, as both companies and individuals have seized the opportunity to take positive action to help solve the climate crisis. Watching Ecologi grow so quickly, driven by such a clear purpose, has been a joy. In this Beautiful Business event, Wow’s co-founder, Peter Czapp, will be interviewing Ecologi’s co-founder, Elliot Coad, exploring what he’s learned from his journey so far, including:

  • How Ecologi has created a business that people have fallen in love with.
  • The changing role of a founder in a growing business
  • How to nurture culture during rapid growth
  • The inside story of Ecologi’s recent £4m funding round
  • How purpose and profit can work together to create a big impact
  • This live event will also give you a chance to ask your own questions. Please email with any questions you’d like to ask Elliot.


About Ecologi and Elliot

Founded in 2019, it is backed by nearly 24,000 members of the public and more than 8,000 businesses. In August 2021, Ecologi planted three million trees in a single month, nine times as many as they planted just 12 months earlier. They’re committed to planting 1 billion trees by 2030, as well as funding the breadth of the world’s best climate crisis solutions.


Ecologi works with groups like US-based Eden Reforestation Project, paying local people to plant trees in their own area.  Ecologi began when Elliot and his wife and co-founder, Lucy, were looking at their own carbon footprints back in 2019. “At the time I was commuting to London and buying fancy coffees and I started to wonder what good the equivalent of one coffee could do if I spent that money on climate action instead,” Elliot shared. “When I looked into it I was blown away that I could offset my entire carbon footprint for about £5 a month, plus plant about 140 trees a year. That idea just got stuck in my head.”


With COP26 happening, November feels like a crucial month for the future of our planet. At Wow, we wanted to do our bit to help, which is why we’ve partnered with Ecologi to help businesses to create their own Climate Positive Workforces. As part of this, you get one month for free if you join before the end of November. Enter coupon code WOWNOV21 when you sign up via this link.