The Wow Team had a visit from Tom at MarketInvoice last Friday, Tom gave a great presentation on how MarketInvoice is disrupting the traditional invoice industry, bringing a new breed of financial company to SMEs.

MarketInvoice offers an alternative type of Invoice Finance to businesses wanting access to funds, in their words “Built for savvy growing businesses”. With 43% of SMEs being rejected from banks when looking for finance, MarketInvoice aim to make this process more efficient and transparent for business owners, welcoming all kinds of businesses onto their online platform. Allowing you to, for a small fee, sell outstanding invoices to investors, therefore meaning that there is a feasible alternative to having to go to your bank.

MarketInvoice aim to reduce the usual pains that go with the more traditional invoice financing by providing a flexible, speedy, transparent and stress free service.


The team at MarketInvoice will help you receive your funds as soon as possible, the average time being 72 hours, less stress for you! When deciding whether to finance an invoice the team will pull in data from 92 different sources to check the feasibility, helping to make a quicker and more efficient decision. The team aim to give a definitive yes or no answer as to whether you will be able to receive the funds within 24 hours of you first contacting them.


MarketInvoice is flexible as you can choose as many or as few invoices as you like, rather than using your whole debtors list. You have no obligation to use MarketInvoice again, you use them when you want or need to


There are no extra fees for using their service, just one simple, easy to understand payment. As you trade more invoices, your fees will reduce.

Stress Free!

MarketInvoice is a great service that allows you to reduce the stress involved with outstanding invoices, giving you more peace of mind.

If you would like to know more give us a call on 01264 721 677 or check out the MarketInvoice website here.