As we wake up this morning to news of a hung parliament, we find ourselves once again living with uncertainty. But, we’re used to that now. We’ve spent a year wondering what’s going to happen when we leave the EU, and seven months wondering what on earth Donald Trump is going to do next. Uncertainty seems to be the one thing that is certain in today’s modern world.

So, what does the election result mean for UK small businesses? Well, that is the wrong question to ask, mainly because time spent pondering the answer is wasted energy. We can’t do anything to affect the outcome, so why worry about it?  A much better question to ask yourself would be:

What do I want my business to look like in three years time?

Instead of spending time watching the news this morning, draw an organisational chart of your team in three years. What key positions will you need to hire between now and then? What will your turnover be? What type of clients will you work with? What needs to change for you to get there? What bold move could you make now that will propel you closer to your destination?

Time spent pondering your future is going to be much more fruitful than trying to work out how the political landscape will shape up. Let other people worry about that, while you take charge of your destiny and create a business that really excites you…… just don’t use the words ‘strong and stable’ when presenting your strategy to your team 😉