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Episode 1 | Season 2

Nikki Gatenby

Nikki talks about creating a positive workplace culture and discusses the topic that's on everyone's lips right now: the power of AI.

In this episode of the Beautiful Business podcast, host Chloe interviews Nikki Gatenby, a leading figure in the agency world known for delivering outstanding results. Nikki shares her insights on building successful businesses that balance purpose, positioning, people, product, planet, and platforms.

Drawing from her experience transforming Propellernet into a global marketing organisation and SAAS provider, Nikki discusses the key elements of creating a thriving workplace culture that prioritises well-being and innovation. She also explores her passion for AI and its potential impact on the creative industry, addressing both its opportunities and challenges.

As a Non-Executive Director and Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Nikki brings energy, ideas, and execution expertise to help marketing, media, and tech businesses create impact. She works with ambitious founders, board directors, and leaders to develop strategies, realise ideas, and achieve business goals.

Throughout the conversation, Nikki highlights the need for future-focused leadership, urging leaders to take responsibility for their global impact and leave a positive legacy. She advocates for profits to stem from solving the world's problems, not creating them, and stresses the importance of prioritising action over inertia.

Chloe and Nikki also discuss the significance of collaboration between humans and machines, and the need for responsible and ethical use of AI in the workplace. This episode is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of culture, innovation, and AI in business, and how leaders can build unstoppable forces for good.

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