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We believe business can be beautiful

We believe that doing the right thing gets results. We believe that having a clear purpose and standing up for what you believe in is the secret to building a beautiful, sustainable business – something to be really proud of. It can also be a huge amount of fun.

We naturally gravitate towards working with businesses with soul, businesses that are at the centre of enriching human experiences. Our mission is to make it easy for people to build beautiful businesses.

Beauty will save the world



Together, Peter and Paul founded The Wow Company in 2004. They believed accountants should be at the heart of building beautiful businesses.

The heartbeat of Wow has always been about great people working together. Over the years, we’ve built a team of smart, caring, passionate and fundamentally nice people. A team that loves helping people achieve their dreams and being part of the exciting journey of growing a business.


We’re a friendly bunch

Lucky Dip
  • Aimee Conyer
    Management Accountant

    Loves micro pigs

    • Taste In Music 50
    • Baking -99
    • Tea Making 80
  • Aggie Kubis
    Client Manager

    Loves to run

    • Tea Making 87
    • Loudest Laugh 47
    • Baking -100
  • Amy Mussellwhite
    Lead Adviser

    Would love to go travelling again

    • Baking 92
    • Tea Making 81
    • Jokes -99
  • Dan Arhin
    Lead Adviser

    Has an infectious laugh

    • Loudest Laugh 100
    • Dance Moves 68
    • Baking -64
  • Emma Dinham
    Payroll Manager

    Wow's favourite baker

    • Baking 100
    • Dance Moves 50
    • Jokes -50
  • Fantasia Bell
    Lead Adviser

    Loves Italian food

    • Tea Making 86
    • Loudest Laugh 66
    • Baking -28
  • Frankie Sandelands
    Outsourcing Manager

    Loves everything Disney

    • Taste In Music 82
    • Jokes 28
    • Tea Making -72
  • Gayatri Wood
    Marketing Manager

    Biggest All Blacks fan in the office

    • Jokes 81
    • Baking 35
    • Loudest Laugh -4
  • Geoff Mabbutt
    Financial Planner

    Wanted to be a stuntman growing up

    • Taste In Music 95
    • Tea Making 54
    • Baking -15
  • Hannah Rushbrook
    Head of Accounting

    A great hockey player, who doesn’t like losing

    • Taste In Music 85
    • Dance Moves 44
    • Baking -86
  • Jamie Betts
    Management Accountant

    Has insane table tennis skills

    • Jokes 88
    • Dance Moves -1
    • Tea Making 90
  • Joyce Lam
    Client Manager

    Bit of a shopaholic

    • Baking 85
    • Taste In Music 45
    • Jokes -34
  • Katie Payne
    Lead Adviser

    Has a new found affection for exercise

    • Taste In Music 81
    • Jokes 33
    • Baking -47
  • Keith Wise
    Financial Planning Team

    Has the voice of an angel

    • Taste In Music 99
    • Loudest Laugh 25
    • Tea Making -85
  • Kelly Goodship
    Head of Client Experience

    Wanted to be a vet growing up

    • Loudest Laugh 87
    • Dance Moves 59
    • Baking -55
  • Leo Tidman
    Lead Adviser

    Would love to be an RAF pilot

    • Tea Making -73
    • Jokes 63
    • Taste In Music 88
  • Lisa Carter
    Payroll Manager

    Can't resist a bit of chocolate

    • Loudest Laugh 87
    • Taste In Music 50
    • Jokes -40
  • Mandy Rawlings
    Client Experience Team

    Always smiling

    • Tea Making 100
    • Baking 85
    • Jokes -42
  • Marc Denton
    Financial Planner

    Unfortunately supports the Welsh rugby team

    • Baking 90
    • Loudest Laugh 25
    • Dance Moves -13
  • Natalie Howarth
    Head of Business Tax

    Played cricket for her county

    • Dance Moves 12
    • Tea Making 94
    • Jokes -58
  • Nicole Lane
    Finance Manager

    Wanted to be a children’s TV presenter growing up

    • Taste In Music 85
    • Baking 35
    • Jokes -5
  • Paul Bulpitt

    Always reading an interesting book

    • Taste In Music 98
    • Jokes 62
    • Dance Moves -15
  • Peter Czapp

    His dad dancing can be dangerous (to himself)

    • Tea Making 85
    • Baking 12
    • Jokes -23
  • Philippa Peacock
    Personal Tax Manager

    Loves a good party

    • Tea Making 83
    • Loudest Laugh 35
    • Dance Moves -89
  • Rory Spence
    Account Manager

    Not in it for the glory

    • Jokes 100
    • Taste In Music 95
    • Dance Moves -61
  • Sam Richards
    Management Accountant

    Keen hockey player

    • Taste In Music 85
    • Baking 62
    • Dance Moves -50
  • Tom Vey
    Business Analyst

    Loves trying new things

    • Tea Making 90
    • Taste In Music 70
    • Loudest Laugh 30
  • Tracey Williamson
    Office Manager

    Don't come near her when she is 'hangry'

    • Loudest Laugh 91
    • Dance Moves 64
    • Jokes -53

Our client experience principles

The relationship we have with our clients means everything to us at Wow. We spent a lot of time thinking about what makes our client experience really Wow. We boiled this down to six client experience principles. These values guide how we work with our clients and drive everything, from our daily conversations, to the services we offer and how we deliver them. They are:

We've got your back
Walk a mile in your shoes
We'll find a way
Teamwork makes the dream work
Be the light
It's all about you

What it’s like being a client

Making the switch to Wow has proved to be one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. The transition from our old firm was seamless and as well as managing our day to day accounting, the ongoing strategic advice they provide is a vital part of our stability and expansion. Thanks guys! 

James Cotton
MD & Founder of Onespacemedia

There’s something about Wow. A ‘something’ that goes beyond being just our accountants. They always do that bit extra. My Wow accountant connects and empathises, and understands what it is like when your head is in panic mode, and you’re worried about the numbers. She is patient too. She explains the finances to me again and again without complaint. It’s the reassurance I need that lets me focus on what I do best. It’s a great feeling to have experts like this by your side. Wow really are amazing.

Katy Howell
CEO of Immediate Future

How we can help you


See the magic at work


History of Wow

A fun look at how far we've come over the years

  • 2004

    - It all started on 6th January
    - The first services we offered were business consultancy and financial planning
    - Here’s Paul and Peter at the launch (yes, it's really them)!

  • 2005

    - We go completely paperless well before the rest of the world, implementing Microsoft Sharepoint and using cloud technology before it was even called ‘the cloud’ (back then, it was just the Internet)

  • 2006

    - In January, we launched accountancy as a service
    - Wow partner with Business Link, delivering presentations to over 2,000 business owners in 16 locations on the subject of growth

  • 2007

    - We officially become known as The Wow Company, updating our brand

  • 2008

    - Wow becomes one of the first accountants in the UK to recommend Xero

  • 2010

    - We start trialling Receipt Bank (now Dext), the first accountants in the UK to do so

  • 2011

    - In February, we move from spreadsheets and whiteboards to managing jobs in WorkflowMax. No longer do we have to worry about accidentally wiping something important off the job board!

  • 2012

    - The first edition of BenchPress was launched
    - In October, we moved from Samar House to Hikenield House

  • 2013

    - We set up our London office
    - We launched The Agency Collective, the world’s best peer support community for agency owners
    - We won Xero Partner of The Year in October

  • 2014

    - Our 10th birthday party in the Spinnaker Tower on the windiest night of the year. We definitely felt the room move that night (and it wasn’t just the champagne)
    - One floor became two at Wow HQ as we continue to grow

  • 2015

    - Paul was appointed Head of Accounting at Xero

  • 2017

    - We gave our brand and website a much-needed face lift

  • 2018

    - Two floors became three at Wow HQ
    - BenchPress passes 500 participants for the first time, officially becoming the largest survey of independent agencies in the UK
    - In August we launched our dedicated Business Tax team

  • 2019

    - We celebrated 15 years of Wow
    - The Consultancy Growth Network is launched, a community to help consulting firms thrive
    - We partnered with Ecologi, planting 600 trees a month to offset the carbon we produce

  • 2020

    - We launched our COVID Support Hub to support businesses through the pandemic
    - We launched our ‘Friend In Need’ service and HR Helpline for Wow clients

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