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Impact of COVID-19 on businesses so far

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The world looks very different from what it looked like at the start of the year. Some of the things we wanted to focus on and achieve as business owners back then seem a lot less relevant now.

That is why we launched a short survey, looking at the impact of COVID-19 on UK businesses so far, and put together a report with the findings. Download your copy.

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The topics we covered in the COVID-19 survey

Future outlook of businesses

How confident do business owners feel about the future? What will change about how businesses work, how they price, and the products and services they offer?

Impact on turnover and resourcing

What impact are businesses seeing on turnover and resourcing? In regards to their team, what actions have they already taken, and what do they anticipate taking?


Impact on cash flow and funding

What is the impact on cash flow and what strategies are working? What percentage of businesses have applied for funding and how many have been successful?

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