BenchPress is your chance to benchmark your agency against your peers. As a thank you for taking part in this survey, you'll receive a copy of the full benchmark results. If you haven't seen a report before, here's 2021's.

In 2012, we started our agency benchmarking report – BenchPress. The aim was simple; to take an accurate snapshot of agency life in the UK and to share insight and analysis with ambitious agency owners.

By taking part, you'll be able to compare yourself in several key areas, including:

  • growth rate,
  • profitability,
  • cash reserves,
  • personal income,
  • new business tactics,
  • marketing spend,
  • conversion rates,
  • recruitment strategies, and much more.

You'll also discover what the top performers do differently - insights that have the power to transform your agency.

Thank you to everyone who has supported BenchPress for the last ten years. We couldn't have got here without you.

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