Your guide to building a profitable and sustainable agency

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of agencies, and gained insights from thousands more, thanks to our annual BenchPress survey and report. We've learned a lot about profit in that time and have identified the traits of the most profitable agencies - the ones that consistently deliver profitable growth, month after month, year after year.

I'm Peter Czapp, Wow's co-founder, and in this brand new free guide I'll take you through the six key areas where high-performing agencies excel. You'll learn how to:

  • Price more profitably and with greater confidence
  • Get more clients on retainers
  • Manage scope creep more effectively
  • Increase your prices and find clients happy to pay the new rates
  • Generate extra profit from your existing clients
  • Get your whole team in the mindset of a 'profit culture'

Change the way you think about profit

Profit has sometimes been seen as a dirty word. I’m sure we can all recall the headlines of big businesses, making big profits, for fat cat executives to take home huge bonuses. Making a profit has often been associated with greed, excess, and with decisions that harm people and the planet. At Wow, we believe there is another way.

We believe that business can be beautiful. We believe that doing the right thing gets results.
We believe that having a clear purpose and standing up for what you believe in is the secret to building a beautiful, sustainable business - something to be really proud of. It can also be a huge amount of fun.

The purpose of a business is not to make money. The purpose of a business is to achieve something, to contribute to society in a positive way, to advance a cause that makes the world a better place. Things that we are all striving for every day.

So where does profit sit in this vision for Beautiful Business? Right at the very heart of it.

Whatever cause you are championing or positive contribution you are making, you will not get very far without profit. Profit is the fuel for your journey, and this guide will show you how to ensure your tank is always full.

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