55% of agency owners plan to sell their business.

At Wow, we know what it takes to build a highly valuable agency. Plus, we know how you can successfully exit your agency too.

This upcoming webinar explores the critical benchmarks that will determine what your agency is worth and the levers you can pull to increase that value. We'll tell you what agency buyers are looking for, and also what your options might be when it comes to stepping away from your business.

Attend this event to discover:

The profit benchmarks buyers of agencies look for, and the tipping point that boosts valuations.



The likely multiple of profit that will be used to value your agency, and how you can increase this.

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The type of clients and revenue split that is most valuable to potential purchasers.


What buyers of agencies look for first when assessing whether to buy an agency.

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How many agency owners have got their businesses working without them (and how they did it).


Plus, join in the live chat with other agency leaders and ask questions relating to your agency.

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If you can't make this event but would like to watch the recording, please register and we'll email it to you afterwards.

You'll leave the webinar with thought-provoking insights and practical tips to increase the value of your agency. 

Those who register will also be the first to receive the final BenchPress report of 2024: Building A Valuable Agency.

We’ll also reveal how the following will impact the value of your agency:

  • Size
  • Track record
  • Positioning in the market
  • Recurring revenue
  • Intellectual property
  • Culture
  • Management team
  • Earn-out period

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About BenchPress


In 2012, we began our agency benchmarking report – BenchPress. The aim was simple; to take an accurate snapshot of agency life in the UK and to share insight and analysis with ambitious agency owners. BenchPress has grown to become the largest survey of UK independent agency owners and is a great way to benchmark yourself against your peers.

As well as the results from the survey, BenchPress is now an entire programme of activity, with events, content and support for agency owners taking place throughout the year.

Take a look at last year's reports.

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