Join us on Tuesday 4th June or Wednesday 12th June from 9.30am - 10.30am BST

Please note, these events are exclusively for agencies with a turnover under £1m. If you're looking for Agency Bites sessions for £1m+ agencies, click here

Winning new business is the number one challenge for agencies right now. In the last 12 months, at every stage of the sales process, things have got tougher. Agencies are reporting fewer leads, smaller client budgets, and increased delays in making decisions. 

These tough trading conditions mean that it’s more important than ever to tune up your sales engine to increase your chances of sales success. Agencies across the land are increasingly focused on the time and money they invest in new business, what works (and what doesn’t), the key metrics to measure, and the levers to pull to win more new business. 

Thanks to BenchPress, we now have more of these insights than ever before. We’ll share them with you at these events. 

During these Agency Bites sessions, we’ll explore:

  • What the latest new business benchmarks mean for your size of agency
  • How to ensure you have enough activity to give you the leads you need 
  • The best ways to find bigger clients with bigger budgets 
  • Tricks to manage your sales pipeline effectively to get deals over the line
  • How to avoid deals stalling (and how to react if they do)

This is an interactive workshop (cameras and microphones will be on). Please ensure that you’re ready to participate in this way on the day. 

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Please note, you're about to register for an event that is exclusively for agencies with a turnover of under £1m. If you're looking for Agency Bites sessions for £1m+ agencies, click here

About your host

Rory Spence is your host for Agency Bites. Day-to-day, you can find him helping ambitious agency owners who want to grow beautiful businesses. He’s helped hundreds of agency owners across the UK.

Combined with working on our annual agency benchmarking survey, BenchPress, he’s your go-to guy for the latest agency insights, stories and best practices.

Rory especially loves helping agency owners make more profit, streamline their financial processes, and be able to take more time to work on the agency, rather than in it.

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