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We've partnered with Mailchimp

We’ve partnered with Mailchimp to help agencies to be more profitable and sustainable.

A key part of running a profitable and sustainable agency is having predictable revenue streams. As well as helping you sleep better at night, these will help you schedule your resources more effectively, hire with confidence and plan for the long-term future of your agency.

For more predictable recurring revenue with clients, you’ll need to offer them something compelling that holds its value over time. We’ve seen a number of agencies find success packaging ongoing marketing help with deep expertise in popular technology platforms.


How the Mailchimp Partner Program can add value to you:

Reach new people

Grow your business with a listing in Mailchimp’s experts’ directory. Showcase your best work and get new leads from millions of Mailchimp customers in search of your services.

Plan ahead with partners-only content

Gain insight into Mailchimp’s products with exclusive roadmap sneak peeks, fresh tips and tools, and webinars. Mailchimp also offer partners the chance to participate in beta testing for new features and updates.

Build your network

Mailchimp offers co-marketing, events, and opportunities to meet fellow members of the Partner Program so that you can gain exposure and expand your network.

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Get access to exclusive benefits, insights, and opportunities to grow your agency.

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Wow loves Mailchimp

Mailchimp gives you the tools you need to get your clients up and running. You can collaborate on campaigns. Manage multiple marketing channels. Help your clients grow their businesses.

Simplify your workflow by managing all your clients’ marketing in one place

Collaborate on campaigns with your clients, so they can provide feedback on the work you’re doing. Trade notes on content and design, manage approvals, and share campaign reports to keep the lines of communication open.

Create emails, ads, and automations that fit every client’s brand

Manage different marketing channels for your clients all in one place. Create and send beautiful emails with our drag-and-drop designer. Find a new audience like the one your clients already talk to with Facebook and Instagram ads. Bring back people who leave a client’s website with Google remarketing ads.

Make better marketing decisions with e-commerce data

Help your clients keep track of sales, ROI, and more, with our detailed reports. Plus, we have hundreds of integrations with popular services you already use to do your best work.

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