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Supercharge your culture for a post pandemic world

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease in the UK, businesses are looking to the future with increased confidence. But just as the last 12 months have seen winners and losers, the next year will also see businesses experience varying fortunes. That’s why we’re running a series of innovative events as part of our Post-Pandemic Project to help UK businesses thrive. 

Our second event took place with Carla and Imogen, Co-Founders at FizzPopBANG. They discussed how business owners can supercharge their culture for a post-pandemic world. Watch the recording.

This webinar will get you thinking about: 

Creating a sense of belonging

We have all experienced a lifetime of change in the past year. This rapid period of change has taught us a lot. We’ll show you how you can give your people something to guide them and create a sense of belonging.

Supporting your team

A poem published at the height of the pandemic highlighted that we “are in the same storm, but not in the same boat”.  The impact of COVID-19 has fallen unevenly and unequally. It’s important to understand where your team are at and tailor your support accordingly. We’ll explore ways you can achieve this.

Embracing ongoing change

Pandemics and difficult times come and go, but one thing is certain – change will be with us forever. The winners are those who will embrace change as an opportunity to stay agile and nimble – we’ll discuss and share how you can do this.

Watch the recording

Our special guests, Carla and Imogen

With 19 years of experience across HR and Marketing (at Barclays and Red Bull), Carla has extensive experience managing people and brands. As the Head of HR at Red Bull & Red Bull Racing, she inspired cultural change and developed a new approach to ‘all things people’.

Imogen comes from marketing some of the biggest brands in the world (Hasbro, Polaroid and Red Bull), building award-winning teams who devised exceptional ideas each year. During her time as Head of Brand at Red Bull, she realised that to have a truly amazing brand that consumers fall in love with, you need infectiously passionate and loyal employees that drive that ethos forward.

Together they left Red Bull to set up FizzPopBANG in 2012 with a single-minded mission to banish the world of ‘Sunday night dread’, and make the world a place where people whistle on their way to work and perform at their best when they get there.

FizzPopBANG specialises in brand employee engagement. They believe in the power of combining a strong brand (Fizz) with a nurtured culture of high performing people (Pop) to create amazing results (BANG). They work with companies to achieve this through a tried and tested approach, helping to develop company business plans alongside people and company culture – the perfect mix. ​

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