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Garden centre blosoms thanks to Wow's proactive approach

 How would you describe Wow?

"Wow is exceptional in the world of accounting, combining the latest technology with a passionate, proactive team to produce an unbeatable service.

Why did you decide to work with Wow?

"I originally chose to work with Wow because I had heard that the accountants were friendly, proactive, passionate people.... something I had always looked out for but never found in the the accounting world."

What makes Wow different?

"Wow Accountants are fantastic at dealing with your problem there and then. They have your information instantly accessible and, as a result, can easily talk you through any query you have. They are particularly good at talking to you in plain English, rather than the technical jargon which most Accountants baffle you with. Wow truly are a proactive Accountancy firm."



Advice for anyone thinking of working with Wow?

"I cannot speak highly enough of Wow's accountants. If you are thinking of using them just pick up the phone and speak to anyone in the team. You will soon realise what sets them apart. They are friendly, approachable and easy to strike up a relationship with. Gone are the days of speaking to your accountant once a year for year end filing of accounts."

Tom Harvey, Director at The Walled Garden Centre