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Great advice worth every Shilling

What makes Wow different?

"Most of the Financial Planners that I’ve met are dull, boring and quite conservative, in every respect. But not The Wow Company! From our first meeting I knew that they understood where I was coming from. I have a few businesses to run, I have clients to meet. I have to chase my bank manager! I don’t have time to worry about my own financial affairs."

Guiding you through the personal financial maze

 "The Wow Company have a good way of working that fits with my style. Geoffrey guides me through my personal financial maze and suggests investments that are right for me and my family. He only troubles me when he needs to and the Wow team can be relied on to look after all the administration processes. The Wow Company are a great team." 


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Kevin Shilling, MD of Shilling Communication


How would you describe Wow?

"After having disappointing experiences with other Financial Planners, I’m pleased I have found Wow. They are certainly not dull or boring."