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Wow makes its mark with Footprint

Description of Wow Project

"I started working with Wow in the Summer of 2007 as I was unhappy with the service I was receiving from my previous accountant. A lot of people just moan about their accountant, but don't do anything about it. I'm really pleased that I did!"

What makes Wow different?

The proactive advice and service Wow provide: They’re not just in the background for when the accounts need doing and are good at seeing the bigger picture.

Successes since working with Wow

"We’ve become more focused on the figures, more proactive at planning and have firm foundations in place to move forward and grow."


To see a video of Vanessa from Footprint talking about her Wow experience, click here




How would you descrive Wow?

"Extremely efficient – the customer service Wow provide is second to none.

Flexible – I love the fact I can get hold of someone whenever I phone and don’t have to wait until a set appointment to speak to someone.

Proactive – We get relevant e-shots immediately after something has been announced which will impact upon our business.

A really friendly team."

Vanessa Gardner, MD of Footprint Communications