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Platimum Partner

Helping a web company fire on all cylinders

Description of Wow project

“As well as providing accountancy advice, Wow put a plan in place for the business and keep us on-track. They kick arse when needed to maintain momentum and provide a fresh injection of enthusiasm.”

Successes since working with Wow

“Wow has helped us become a credible, respected, UK-wide Web Design Agency, whilst improving our profitability too.”

Plans for the coming year

“Happy clients. Happy team. Growing profits...... and attending the excellent Wow Network events when I get a chance!”


How would you describe Wow?

“Young, enthusiastic and ambitious. Definitely NOT a boring number-crunching accountant!”

Advice for businesses considering using Wow

“If you are serious about growth and success, it’s about creating the strongest team you can."

Paul Manuel, MD of Clickfire