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Platimum Partner

Helping a web company grow 

Description of Wow project

“Wow has overseen our growth every step of the way. They've given us more than just accountancy advice. They've provided a clear vision, focus and the security of a sounding board.”

Advice for businesses considering using Wow

“The best bit about Wow is that they do what they say they will do! There are a lot of accountancy firms claiming to do what Wow do, but Wow really are proactive. It's a great value service too.”

Plans for the coming year
“To make more money! We’re going to build on the foundations put in place. I will move away from the day-to-day operations and take on more of a leadership role.”




How would you describe Wow?

“Straight-forward and matter of fact. Always available: one call and they put things in perspective – nothing is too much trouble.”

Phill Bernier, Director of Adira