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Glug.jpgHey Gluggers!


As part of Wow's partnership with Glug, we're offering FREE accountancy software for a year. Not just any old accountancy software, mind. The world's easiest (and most beautiful) accountancy software - Xero.


In addition, you'll also get 30 minutes FREE Xero training, courtesy of Wow. Let us know which bits of the system you'd like assistance with and we'll setup a training session via Skype to help you fire on all cylinders.

New to Xero? Need help getting set up? No problemo - just let us know on the form on the left & we'll help you get setup, so you can enjoy the World's Easiest Accounting System.



If you'd like Wow to pay for your Xero subscription for a year, call 0845 201 1580 or e-mail