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Wow's April Fool - Did you twig?

April 01, 2011 at 9:09 AM

Wow branch out into tree surgeryTree_Surgery1.jpg

After 7 years of providing an award-winning accountancy service, The Wow Company is branching out and applying similar principles of amazing client service to the world of tree surgery. In a move that will surprise many in the traditional world of accountancy, Wow's 3 co-founders have setup a business that they hope will be as poplar as their current one.


The inspiration behind the move

"It all came from one of our strategic planning sessions", explains Wow co-founder, Peter Czapp. "We had always talked about setting up other businesses and replicating all the things that make Wow great in another industry. Rather than picking something obvious, we took a leaf out of Richard Branson's book and went for something completely different."



Whilst many have questioned the logic of setting up a business in an entirely different field, Wow's new Communications Director, Theresa Green was keen to stress the similarities between Wow's accountancy business and their new venture. "Just like your accounts, the trees in your garden need to be tidied up each year and if you don't stay on top of either one, things can get out of hand."


Theresa went on to point out that "Wow's focus on amazing client service and our proactive approach are skills that are transferable across industries."



The crucial early stages

The new business will benefit from seed funding from a local entrepreneur with a track record in this new industry. The Wow Company certainly hope that this will help them shoot ahead of the competition. The proof will be in the results and Wow will publish their first 6-monthly accounts at the end of Septimber 2011.


Other business leaders were quick to praise Wow's bold decision. Robert Bark from the local council's Enterprise Team commented: "It is great to see that where others have been pruning back their businesses as a result of the challenging economic times, The Wow Company are clearly grasping the green shoots of recovery firmly with both hands."


If you would like to be one of the first customers of Wow's new tree surgery business, please get in touch.


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