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Top 5 iPhone Business Apps of 2011

December 12, 2011 at 7:14 PM

img-kelly.jpgAs a bit of an iPhone addict, Wow Accountant Kelly Rowland has been itching to share some of her favourite and invaluable business apps of 2011, including some that you might not have come across. All are completely FREE or have free versions.


What are your favourite business apps of 2011? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


1. Dragon Dictation

This is far and away my favourite business app. You can record a message and within seconds the app converts this to text in an SMS, e-mail, Twitter post or Facebook update. Great for when you have your hands full, or when you’re in a rush. You can download your free version of Dragon Dictation here.


2. Evernote

Evernote is basically a suped-up notebook. You can just e-mail interesting articles to your notebook to read later, or log-in and make a note of your own ideas, thoughts or to-do lists in one of your categorised notebooks. The web app has even more functionality. An essential tool for organising information.


3. Hashable

We’ve been saying for a long-time now that the days of the traditional business card are numbered (a bit like the days of traditional Accountants are numbered!). Hashable could signal the terminal demise of the business card. It's a fantastic way of organising your contacts and making a great first impression with new contacts. This app hasn't really taken off in the way we expected it to in 2011..... will 2012 be its big year?


4. Genius Scan

As an Accountant, I really like Genius Scan for scanning documents from my phone straight into PDF's. Very easy to use and an invaluable tool when I’m out and about.


5. Yammer

Finally, this is the one app that I am guaranteed to use every day. Yammer is a social network that we use internally at Wow to share ideas, useful information, client success stories (and general gossip too). It's a great way for us to remain connected wherever we are and to keep track of the latest goings on at Wow and the world of Accountancy in general.


Also worth a mention...

There aren’t any ‘news’ apps on this list, as there are so many (the Economist app is worth a mention) and I get most of my news from Twitter these days anyway. I’ve intentionally not mentioned any Social media apps: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all have very popular apps of their own, and everyone has their own favourite 3rd party app such as TweetDeck, Echofon or HootSuite. 


What's your favourite app?

Let me know what your favourite apps are and what you make of my top 5 business apps of 2011. Please use the comments section below.


Please add a comment

Posted by Mark Berry on
On the iPhone I'd have to add Photosynth; great for anyone who has to survey buildings, as you can get a 360 deg scrollable panorama.

Also Dropbox to turn your iPhone (and iPad) into what they are meant to be; cloud computing devices with access to ALL your files.

And how about Zite? Not specifically business, but now available on the iPhone as well as the iPad, it collects articles from around the web about just about anything that interests you, and creates a personalised magazine.

If we're allowed to expand this to iPad only apps, the business uses increase tenfold. Must have apps then are NotesPlus for handwritten notes and marking up pdf's/pictures (the current version has fallen behind competitors, but I'm testing V3 and it's incredible), Pages for word-processing; I prefer to use that to my laptop, Numbers for spreadsheets (calm down accountants!), and Keynote for presentations.

Sadly the Xero mobile app wouldn't make it onto my list, as it's too limited; I always find myself using the full web site instead :(

In the business world I'd say the iPad, with all it's pad specific apps that make it so much more than just a big phone, is a game changer.
Posted by David Shute on
These apps are all well and good but most of the phone manufacturers have forgotten that sometimes you need to be able to view content hands free and these phones don't stand up.

Two things prompted me to solve this problem and come up with a stand product that would fit all iPhone and Android smartphones. 1. Whilst washing up at the sink late one night I decided to catch up on some BBC news via TVCatchup. I propped the phone up on the window seal only to watch it slip into the washing up bowl a few seconds later! 2. A few weeks later I thought I would catch up with some late headlines on the Sky News app whilst lying in bed. Tiered from a hard days work I must of dropped off only to be hit on the head a split second later by my phone that I had previously been holding.

So now that I've created the answer to hands-free viewing, welcome to the ifoldstand, a product that will make your mobile app life that much easier and enjoyable.
Posted by Kevin Cloud on
First of all thanks Kelly for the regular ideas on smart ways of improving business, not just the apps.

Dragon dictation is good but I do find that technical words and my tone canmake it do weird things with words!
Where would we be without evernote and dropbox?
I also use a scanner and biz card scanner and they are brilliant.
As far as my tree surveys are concerned I often use the basic compass that comes with the iphone. I also use an app for measuring tree heights which is about £130 cheaper as a virtual clinometer than buying the real bit of kit for the same purpose.
Does anyone know when a small business debit/credit card payment app will be available?

Kevin Cloud
Posted by Peter Czapp on
Hi Kevin

In terms of the small business debit/credit card payment app, have you heard of Square? It works great if the person's credit card is in your hand - more details on this little video:

Otherwise, you can take your pick from the market leaders, such as WorldPay ( or PayPal (

This guide might also be a good starting point:

Hope this helps...

Posted by Julia Homan on
It has to be the Fingertip HR App! I'm responsible for the content (Julia Homan of The HR Dept Andover & Winchester) and another local company has put the content into the App.

It's the ultimate HR guide at your fingertips, especially suitable for business owners who know some HR stuff but just want to check a vital point, ideal for those who are new to managing or employing people and also invaluable to multi-site organisations that want consistency across all their sites. It's available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store:

With best wishes

Posted by Kevin Shilling on

I have a very silly question but I'm Fred Flintstone when it comes to technology. (Ask your Dad who Fred Flinstone was.)

I don't have an iPhone but I do have an iPad2. Do these applications work just as well on iPad2 as they do on an iPhone or are there better applications for an iPad2?


Posted by Peter Czapp on
Hi Kevin

The good news is that all of the apps mentioned in Kelly’s article will work on the iPad (iOS 4.0 or later is required). As Fred Flintstone would say....


Have a great Christmas from everyone at Wow...
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