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New online look for Wow

May 05, 2011 at 10:00 PM

After more hype than the Royal Wedding, The Wow Company finally launched its brand new website, along with an exciting new online look.


The website is designed to be a place where small businesses can go to get the very latest information to help you make more profit, pay less tax and have more fun. The Cool Stuff page is a place where business owners can easily access useful guides, hints and tips and the new Blog will be a place to revisit for ideas & inspiration to help you grow your business.


You'll also have access to the latest Wow events, including finding out first which inspirational guest speaker will be headlining the next Wow event.


As well as getting the latest news that affects you as a business owner on this website, you can also keep up-to-date via Wow's social media channels. Just click on the buttons below to join the Wonderful World of Wow!

icon-contact-vimeo.gifA world of interesting videos to help you grow your business


icon-contact-twitter.gifMore hints, tips and other cool stuff than you can shake a stick at


icon-contact-facebook.gifIf you're a bit nosy and like to see photos of what's going on, you'll love Wow's Facebook page


icon-contact-linkedin.gifGet connected with one of Wow's co-founders, Peter Czapp



The website was designed by Alive With Ideas, who certainly lived up to their name! We love our new website and hope you do too. Let us know what you think via the comments tab below.


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Posted by Tim Savage on
I love your new site. It sets you apart from other acountants and shows your fun side too. Life doesn't have to be boring and this is a nice balance of fun and professional content. Small firms and new businesses don't want stuffy firms - they need and want friendly professional support with lots of enthusiastic people driving them on. One comment - make the fact that you are a xero gold partner bigger - it's a bit small and for a firm that shouts about what it does - we can barely see it!!
Posted by Carly Thompson on
Loving the new website, and it's definitely not traditional Accountancy style! I always read your handy hints e-shots, some great outside the box ideas for productivity and marketing - well done!
Posted by Gary Turner on
Great new look, captures the Wow charisma much more accurately. Well done.

Gary Turner, Managing Director, Xero UK.
Posted by Guise Bule on
Wow, the new website is definitely a massive improvement on your older one !

I really like the graphics you had done, its pretty hard finding good creative work and much better to get a designer to draw you some.

I agree with the earlier commenter in that new businesses do not want to talk to stuffy accountants, your new website portrays that you have fun in what you do which is not normally something associated with the accountancy trade.

People want to do business with people who have fun in what they do though, your website showcases that perfectly. I really like the About Us page and your photos contrasting between how you were and how you are now. Its fun to see my own accountant Kelly on the beach as a baby, I cant say I am brave enough to put my baby pictures on my website, but then mine are all of me dressed like a sailor.

Finally I really like your cool stuff page and its associated graphics, am working my way through your articles one by one, they are really interesting articles.

Good work you guys, this is a breath of fresh air from a firm of accountants. Congratulations in your new website and making a good job of it !
Posted by Tina Bolton on
Looking good!, a very fresh appearance and makes a strong change from the usual offerings from accountancy firms. Excellent build up on social media as well!

One small point: when you are viewing the site on an ipad the little 'fancy a natter' tool covers the copy on the page and cannot be moved out of the way - which is rather frustrating! Having looked on chrome i can see this isn't an issue - perhaps one your designers could look at?

Posted by Peter Czapp on
Thank you to everyone for all your comments. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. We're working through a 'to do' list with our new site and you may well notice your ideas appearing in future versions. If you have any more ideas, please get in touch again. Many thanks in advance...
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