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Case Study – The Director with no spare money

September 15 2010 by Marc Denton

The Scenario

Sarah recently set-up her own clothes boutique, which took up most of her savings. Her income had been very low since she started her business. As a result, she’d never really felt like there was much point in thinking about financial planning.

  • Sarah had little idea of what was coming in and going out every month – she just knew she didn’t have any spare money!
  • Various debts had built up during the start-up of the business and Sarah felt these were getting on top of her
  • Money worries were causing her undue stress and pressure, affecting her ability to grow the business.

The Wow Solution:

We worked with Sarah to help her create a financial plan that would allow her to make a success of her business by:

  • Completing a comprehensive personal income and expenditure analysis for each month
  • Identifying several cost savings and efficiencies, resulting in a decrease in monthly outgoings of £90 per month
  • Reduced outgoings by a further £150 per month, by re-mortgaging and re-structuring unsecured debts
  • Worked out a break-even level of income Sarah needed to draw from the business to cover all expenditure
  • Created a plan for the future with targets to ensure that Sarah moved towards real financial stability and security, giving her the best possible chance of making her business a success

As you can see, financial planning is not about investing money or arranging products – it is primarily about creating a plan to help you be more in control of  your money, and giving you the chance to focus on growing your business.

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