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Wow launch #coolawards on Twitter

October 17 2011 by Peter Czapp

All this week on Twitter, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate cool people, businesses, technology, places & tweeps in Wow’s Cool Awards – and we’ll retweet all your suggestions. As The World’s Coolest Accountancy Practice, we wanted to find out what’s cool in your world and then share it with the Twittersphere through a lovely retweet. To place your vote, simply tweet using the hashtag #coolawards. You’ll then be able to see what other small businesses across the UK think is cool right now.

Monday 17th – Cool People

This is your chance to nominate the cool people in your world. Perhaps it is a member of staff that deserves a special mention or your favourite customer that you’d like to ‘big up’. Perhaps it is a key adviser to your business that you couldn’t live without or a mentor that has helped you grow your business. Let us know who has rocked your world in 2011. Who are the cool people you’d like to nominate?

Tuesday 18th – Cool Technology

This should be an interesting category as you tell us about the technology that has made doing business easier in 2011. Is there a piece of software that has made your life easier, a gadget that has saved you loads of time, or a really cool app that you’d love to tell people about. Now’s your chance….

Wednesday 19th – Cool Businesses

Which businesses out there deserve a special mention? Is there a brand that you’ve fallen in love with? Is there a company out there that provides the coolest customer service? Perhaps it is a supplier or partner that has supported you this year that you’d like to say thanks to. Who are the cool businesses that you want to tell the world about?

Thursday 20th – Cool Places

Where are theĀ cool places to do business? Where do you love holding meetings? Let us know the cool venues around the UK that we need to visit. The cool hotels, restaurants, bars and conference facilities? Let us know the cool places you go to be inspired, to think, to plan and to get energised.

Friday 21st – Cool Tweeps

In a very special #ff we round off the week with your chance to give a big shout out to all those people on Twitter that have inspired, informed, enlightened (or made you laugh). Let us know those cool tweeps that you love following, love reading their updates and have helped you move your business forward in 2011.

Click here to join in the fun: @thewowcompany

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