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£1,000 Grant for Small Businesses

June 20 2011 by Katie Payne

The new Leadership & Management Advisory Service aimed at supporting the senior leaders of businesses with the potential for high growth has now been launched. As part of the service, there is £1,000 of grant funding available for owner managers and senior leaders of businesses and social enterprises with plans and potential to achieve fast growth.

To claim your funding

Contact Wow on 0845 201 1580 or

Funding available

Up to £1,000 in grant funding is available to help pay for your training solution. This grant will pay for 50% of the fees up to the maximum amount of £1,000.

Criteria for the funding

The funding is only available for private sector businesses or social enterprises that meet the following criteria:

  • Have fewer than 250 full time equivalent employees, and
  • Have at least one full time equivalent employee in addition to the applicant, and
  • Display the potential for high or fast growth (please contact Wow for more details of how this is defined).
The applicant
  • For organisations with fewer than 50 employees, the applicant will need to be the managing director, owner or chief executive.
  • Only one grant claim can be made for a maximum of 50% of the cost of the training excluding VAT and not exceeding £1,000.
  • The training must have started within 90 days of the grant being approved and the grant claimed once the training has been completed (or commenced, for training that lasts longer than 90 days).
  • The grant must be used for Leadership and Management Development Solutions that develop the skills of the applicant to enable them to fully engage and optimise the contribution of their staff and therefore grow the business.
Areas that are eligible for funding
  • Developing a highly effective personal leadership and management style – including strategic thinking and effective communication.
  • Creating a joint enterprise culture with the workforce – including developing an innovative, creative and productive culture for the organisation, developing productive working relationships, reducing and managing workplace conflict.
  • Planning and developing an effective organisation and teams – including recruitment, selection and departure, building and managing effective, creative and innovative teams, conveying vision and objective setting.
  • Leading and managing employee high performance – including employee motivation and commitment, delivering value, learning and development.
Solutions can be delivered by
  • Workshops
  • Online training
  • Training programmes
  • Bespoke/tailored training options
  • Peer learning
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Qualification based programmes

How Wow can help

We’re more than just a bunch of Accountants! Wow offer business leaders Strategic Planning to help you develop a realistic, challenging and exciting business plan to move your business forward. We then work with you to help you communicate this to your team, creating a common goal and a desire to achieve it.

To claim your funding

Contact Wow on 0845 201 1580 or

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